Presentation of the book Spolu “alejí Evropy”

A presentation of the book Samen op de laan van Europa and the corresponding photographic project by Pieter J. Goedhart, Jan C. Henneman, Kryštof Krijt, Rebecca Krijt and Ivo Mostert, as well as the Czech/Slovak translation of the book titled Spolu “alejí Evropy”/Spoločne “alejou Európy”, will take place on Thursday, 30th May at 5 pm. The project which was put together to commemorate a hundred years of the Dutch-Czecho-slovak diplomatic relations saw the collaboration of young students of Dutch studies at universities in Prague, Brno, Olomouc and Bratislava who have all contributed with their translations.

A segment of the young translators’ work (Anna Kostková, Andrea Lerchová, Babeta Marešová, Klára Šmejkalová and Filip Frantál) will be presented during the event. The students who conducted their work under the supervision and coordination of dr. Irena Kozmanová, will also discuss their impressions and acquired experience

The event is organized with the kind support of the Ne-Be association and Jednota tlumočníků a překladatelů.


We cordially invite you to attend the event.


Address and date:

Senovážné náměstí 23, Praha 1, budova D, 2. patro, místnost č. 201 dne 30. 5. 2019 v 17:00

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