AUC Philologica (4/2018)

This publication consists of the contributions to the sixth Postgraduate and Post-doctorate Colloquium on Low Countries Studies
which took place at the Charles University in Prague on 7 – 10 March 2018. The colloquium aimed to provide a methodological and
professional support to young postgraduate and post-doctorate researchers on their path to a doctorate or a habilitation.
The colloquium, organised by the Department of Dutch Studies at the Charles University, is an iniciative of the Central European
association of Dutch studies Comenius.

The scientific contributions cover a diverse range of branches within Dutch studies: linguistics, literary studies, translatology
and cultural history. All papers with the exception of the keynote speech by professor Ludo Beheydt come from researchers in
Central Europe. Their main objective is to present a scientific account of their work in progress in pursuance of their doctorate or habilitation.
The selection therefore offers, in a wider sense, an illustration of the scientific zeal in the field of Dutch studies in this area.

The publication is available online in Dutch.

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