Martina Vokáčová


Mgr. et Mgr. Bc. Martina Vokáčová


Phone: (+420) 221619292

Consulting hours: by e-mail.


Martina Vokáčová studied Czech and Dutch Studies, education and a little bit of history. Currently, she is pursuing her doctoral studies in Czech linguistics, with a dissertation on metonymy in grammar (using Czech and Dutch data). She works at the Humanities Research Center and is a member of the Experimental Research on Central European Languages team, which aims to deepen psycholinguistic knowledge about Central European languages and their speakers, and of the Empirical Perspectives on Communication and Cognition team, in which she takes part in the creation of the Czech multimodal corpus. She is also a board member of the popular education platform Library of Languages. In her research, she primarily aims to answer the question of what we can learn about cognitive processes with the help of empirical and corpus methods, and how comparable their results are. She teaches morphology and syntax of Dutch at the Institute of Germanic Studies.


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