Entrance examination

2019/20 Requirements for the admission procedure

Dutch Language and Culture Bachelor’s programme of study
Entrance examination: One-round (written, 90 minutes)
Content of the examination:
1) Study motivation (maximum 20 points)
2) General scholastic aptitude (max. 30 points)
3) Test of basic terminology in linguistics and literature, knowledge of three representatives of Dutch and Flemish literature (see below), basic knowledge of the history and facts of the Dutch-language region (max. 50 points)


A prior knowledge of the language is not required.

Further requirements:

The applicants are required to read the following novels either in translation or in Dutch. Several questions in the test will be based on the novels.
Hugo Claus: Fámy (De geruchten), Paseka 2005
Willem Frederik Hermans: Už nikdy spánek (Nooit meer slapen), Host 2011
Hella Haasseová: Černé jezero (Oeroeg), Plus 2014


Dutch Language and Culture Bachelor’s programme of study

Content of the examination:

1)   Practical and theoretical knowledge of Dutch morphology and syntax (maximum 40 points)

2)   Bachelor-level Dutch and Flemish literature, with emphasis on modern Dutch literature (max. 30 points)

3)   Knowledge of the history of Dutch-speaking countries and culture (max. 30 points)

The language of the examination is Dutch; the B2 level of the CEFR is required.

Further requirements: a reading list of at least 20 Dutch fiction books from various periods and genres – prose, poetry and drama (to be submitted for inspection during the oral examination).

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